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building hope in los angeles
We have a plan! A multi-phased, multi-faceted, holistic plan. And part one, we’re building hope and calling it “A Hope And a Future.” May is Foster Care Awareness Month and we are launching phase one! In this phase of our plan, we are doing what we believe to be the most dire and important work first – building hope through connection and stability.

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There are many resources available to transitional aged foster youth, especially in California. They can get on the waiting list for affordable housing.

I have a friend (former foster youth in fact) who has been waiting 8 years. I heard of another foster youth who got into affordable housing a little faster than others, but in Compton, and gets jumped by gangs regularly.

There’s free community college, even for those who haven’t aged out.

And there’s extended foster care options.

These are all great. We believe they are good and needed, but also not enough. As mother Theresa said,

“There’s two kinds of poverty. We have the poverty of material; for example, in some places like in India, Ethiopia and other places, where the people are hungry for a loaf of bread – real hunger.

But there is a much deeper, much greater hunger; and that is the hunger for love, and that terrible loneliness and being unwanted, unloved – being abandoned by everybody.”

It is said that the teen years are the most hopeless for foster youth. At Finally Family Homes, we believe the most important work is restoring hope to aging out foster youth.

According to this article, published in the Children and Youth Services Review, “At ages 17 or 18, foster youth are 2 to 4 times more likely to suffer from lifetime and/or past year mental health disorders compared to transition aged youth in the general population.”
This is the time that they realize finding a forever family probably won’t happen and feelings of abandonment hit hardest. Turning 18 is seen as the end of the road. It’s over, no chance for family or connection. As this news story put it for 17 year old Ashley, she’s “hoping to find a home before it’s too late.” 

At Finally Family Homes we reject that idea.

We believe no one is “too old for a family.”

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”  -Proverbs 13:12

Without hope, these kids don’t have the motivation to move forward in their schooling, to put in the extra effort to take advantage of these free resources. ​As followers of Jesus, we will also naturally share our love for God, as He is our greatest motivator and empowerment – our anchor of Hope.

Depression is a motivation killer.

Join the fight against #homelessness and #humantrafficking with Finally Family Homes. #AHopeAndAFuture #hope #fostercare #agingout

​That’s why we want these kids to get connected. We aren’t offering just resources, but community – family dinners, outings, to be available at a moment’s notice when needed. We believe this is best accomplished by close proximity housing. And housing is their greatest physical need.
At Finally Family Homes we have a plan to help aging out foster youth succeed! Partner with us in this multi-phased, multi-faceted, holistic plan. Join us in “building hope.” #hope #fostercare #agingout #finallyfamilyhomes

Upon aging out 
 of youth become instantly homeless.

Within 18 months 
36% will have experienced homelessness.

On any given night 
over 1,000 
youth are sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles who are current or former foster youth.​

On May 15th we start crowdfunding 

a one-time far-reaching fund-raiser primarily done online.

We are asking our community, online and otherwise, to help us reach out to their friends who care about helping others and give because they care about the cause or care that you care about the cause.

What are we fundraising for?

Furniture, appliances, housewares, linens, curtains, cleaning supplies, and all the other things that go along with making a house a livable home. As a transitional house, the vast majority of this will be a one-time cost.
We estimate it will require about $18,000.

As far as utilities, transportation, food, and rent, for one year we need $22,000.
That comes to $40,000 as our goal for the fundraiser. 

$35,000 should be enough for us to feel confident to get the doors open!

How you can help

Of course, donating is the most direct way to help.

Sharing Finally Family Homes with friends and family will help spread the passion and participation we need. This kind of fundraiser works best when a lot of people get involved, every donation matters.

The mission of Finally Family Homes is to provide family-like support to help teens who don’t have a family or home, transition into successful adulthood.

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  1. I’m so grateful for the awareness you have brought about this issue. I had NO IDEA this was a problem until I started reading your blogs. Thank you!!!! I’ve just subscribed, also. 🙂

  2. I cannot imagine how these kids stay afloat. I worked in a high school as a nurse and saw so much depression and anxiety in kids who had family and a roof over their heads. It’s a hard age to be even with all the support you need. Thank You for all you do!

  3. Hi Christina! I did not know it was foster care awareness month and am so thankful for how your posts and articles educate and reveal the great needs out there for foster children. Your mission, “we believe the most important work is restoring hope to aging out foster youth.” is inspiring and hope-filled, with a goal of reaching their hearts while also empowering with practical life skills. Thank you for all you do!

  4. Thank you so much for all you do to raise foster care awareness. I’ve learned so much from you and I’ve been able to share what I’ve learned with others, and I hope that word keeps spreading in a way that makes a tangible difference in these teens’ lives.

  5. Foster care awareness is so necessary. I have learned so much about the foster care system through you, and I am happy to share as much as possible during foster care awareness month. I hope to get my funds up to be able to donate some for such a great cause.

  6. I am so thankful and proud of you for the work you’ve done to get the word out about this great cause. I’ve learned so much from you. My heart and prayers go out to this great cause and I pray you reach all of your financial goals.

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