Our Mission to Provide Supportive Housing for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

hope and a future

We are very excited to begin fulfilling our mission to provide supportive housing for youth aging out of foster care. When young adults age out, usually around 18 years old, that means they leave the system without ever having been placed in a permanent family or home. They weren’t re-united or adopted, they basically just “timed out.”

We believe that a family-oriented, relational home is the BEST possible solution for changing the lives of these kids who are at great risk of becoming homeless, sex trafficked, or sought after by gangs. 

In May 2019, we launched our GoFundMe campaign for this. Our goal was to get at least $35,000 and we currently have about $32,000 in funding!

We have moved our fundraiser here, but you can visit the GoFundMe page and see all the excitement & interaction we had here:

With the help of many wonderful and gifted people, we quickly put together a short video sharing the issues and our heart for helping aging out foster youth.

As I shared in our very first blog post, this all really got sparked when I was in Kyrgyzstan working alongside some amazing teens who aged out (at 16) from orphanages. The church there was holistically supporting and providing supportive housing for youth aging out orphanages there.

God had already working in our hearts through other means – like our church’s initiatives to educate and inspire the congregation, but seeing it in action and seeing the results in Kyrgyzstan was the spark that got us going.

In Kyrgyzstan, the ministry got started there after the pastor visited an orphanage where a little girl asked, “Is it true that when we grow up, the girls become prostitutes and the boys go to jail?”
He was devastated to hear that’s the future she thought was coming for her.

The statistics for aging out foster youth in the United States point to the same outcomes for our kids here!

Over 1,000 of the homeless youth (under 25) who sleep on the streets of Los Angeles on any given night are or were in foster care.

Gangs love to recruit foster kids – they are vulnerable and desperate for “family.”

70% of trafficked children in Los Angeles are from foster care.

We believe that opening the doors of the transitional home is the first step towards helping provide a better future for former foster youth. By providing the housing, connection, and support they need, we can prevent them from falling into homelessness and human trafficking.

We are so excited about this & look forward to what the future holds for these kids and all who are with us in this journey! We can’t open supportive housing for youth aging out of foster care without YOU!

Please consider how you can get involved today!


  1. Thanks for providing the statistics for Homelessness and foster care. Those numbers are so incredible. Thanks for giving kids hope for a future!

  2. I absolutely love what you all are doing to provide hope and a future for people aging out of foster care!

  3. Thank you so much that you do every day to give hope Christina. The foster care system is blessed to have your ministry. May God bless your efforts going forward.

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